Albany’s Royal Rumor – Excerpted from Albany Scrapbook, Vol 1

It’d have been a very simple thing to discount Eleazar Williams along with his fans because either outright scams or, more charitably, as only sadly deluded. Most, even though certainly not all, historians have achieved precisely that. Williams, the attentive scholars declare, was most assuredly not Prince Louis Charles, the Dauphin of France, the child who, even when the French Revolution hadn’t bothered Bourbon rule, could one day possess turned into King Louis XVII of France.  MONOGRAFIAS PRONTAS

The primary problem with this ready a dismissal of this claim, nevertheless, is that Eleazar Williams possibly has been the sole son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and the lineal heir to the throne. But at least, is that the opinion voiced by Jacob I. Hotchkiss at a 1964 study monograph prepared for the Albany Institute of History and Art. In that newspaper Hotchkiss wrote this, “There is at least a strong possibility that Williams … was, in reality, the Dauphin of France…”

No matter the reality of the topic, the events from Paris from the 1790s provide Albany, New York, together with a few of its strangest historical footnotes. As soon as it’s most widely believed that the ten-year-old Dauphin expired in his Parisian prison at the summer of 1795, the simple fact of the boy’s departure has never been shown convincingly. Some critical research workers, for example Hotchkiss, have mentioned “a large amount of circumstantial evidence” that the wolf had been smuggled from France through the spring of this season, his place from prison was fraught by way of a dying boy of such as age and visual appeal.

With this side of this narrative, what’s understood is that a family group of French refugees came in Albany after in the calendar year, also that that family comprised a ten-year-old boy, both delicate and isolated, that was treated with the others at a “curiously formal manner.” Your household contained a “supposed husband and wife and two children, a boy and a girl,” and proceeded with the name of deJardin. Their presence was remembered almost forty decades after by Mrs. Bleecker Dudley, that, like a ladywho’d followed her

to a call to your household.

“Their arrival caused considerable excitement in our city,” Mrs. Dudley composed, “and those ladies who could converse in the French language felt it their duty to call on Madame … On my first visit I was much struck with the appearance of the family.

Madame, alternatively, was just as prepossessing and complicated as the person had been plain and servile. Speculation was that the 2 may not have been husband and husband. Mrs. Dudley was some of the that didn’t feel that the deJardin family was a really family group in any way, writing in 1853 that, “Madame told my mother that she was maid of honor to the Queen Marie Antoinette… She appeared very much agitated… She played with great skill on the piano forte, and was much excited singing the Marseilles Hymn, floods of tears chasing each other down her cheeks.

Even the deJardin “family” failed to stay static in Albany for very long. But at roughly exactly the exact same time frame they abandoned the city a physically and emotionally ailing French boy had been brought to, and then embraced by, a Ticonderoga man called Thomas Williams. Nurtured from Williams, his Indian wife and their eleven natural kids, the boy–who’d previously been awarded the name Eleazar Williams–finally recovered at least his emotional wellness, even though physically he stayed ailing all through his lifetimespan.

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