Grain Free Dog Food For Better Digestion and Health

Grain Free Dog Food would include gluten free dog food and wheat free dog food. There are some serious drawbacks to feeding your dogs grains and gluten.

One of the main problems that grains have are aflatoxins which is a fungus. Then some grains contain hard to digest proteins like gluten and all grains have the ability to block important minerals from being absorbed.

Aflatoxins can also be found in other grains such as corn and legumes. This toxic fungus likes to attack your dogs liver and it can be very deadly to your dogs health.

It does not really take too much to create a problem in dogs. There are pet food companies with strict quality controls that do test for the aflatoxin fungus because of this threat to your dogs health.

Grain Free Dog Food Excludes grain free dog food

Grains that contain gluten such as wheat, barley, rye, and contaminated oats.
The wheat grains which include spelt, kamut, bulgur wheat, wheat germ, farina, semolina, and graham.
The gluten free grains which include rice, teff, amaranth, corn, oats, and millet.
Why Feed Your Dog Gluten Free Dog Food?

Gluten intolerance does affect all breeds of dogs and Irish Setters are one breed known to suffer from Celiac Disease.

Gluten is a very big molecule which makes it very hard to digest. Gluten makes up around 80% of the protein found in wheat. It is composed of the proteins glutenin and gliadin.

An allergy to wheat is something many dog owners never seem to catch when taking into consideration their dogs health issues.

Dogs can develop food allergies over time and then it suddenly seems to appear out of no where.

Malnutrition is what can happen when a dog can not digest wheat and malabsorption problems develop from their small intestines. It is well known that gluten and lectins that are found in wheat can create very serious health problems.

Grain Free Dog Food Tips

Antibiotic free meats such as bison, venison, chicken, turkey, and beef that are also free of hormones. Free range eggs and wild caught fish such as salmon. Organic dog friendly fresh fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes. Fermented vegetables for adding probiotics into your dogs digestive tract.


The Importance of Professional Web Design

Professional website site design is valuable for your business picture. This will enable your company increase, working out for one to accomplish a number of different customers and businesses which may possibly perhaps not recognize that you just assistance their requirements. An excellent style and design is essential for practically any organization which wishes to stay in front of the own competition.

Three chief keys into some expert internet site include: Multiple-browser usability, diminished load occasions by means of legal CSS, and also valid html page which isn’t going to bring about frustrated people to depart from your internet site as a result of loading glitches or drawn-out loading occasions webdesign limburg.

Professional Online Design is the very first crucial step in direction of Online marketplace and it is critical in creating an instills very first impact on people that see your website. Your internet site ought to be performed by website site design pros. In other words basically, what distinguishes professional website designing from lousy website designing is if really a designer or website designing provider carries under account the aforementioned goods when creating and creating a web site. Ordinarily, a internet designer or website designing provider asserts to give expert website designing providers for his or her clientele. But if they are encouraging “website site design products and services” in the place of “specialist website designing providers”.

Whether you’re working to set up your self being an internet existence or gain additional clientèle, the level of one’s site is critical. Powerfuleffective, successful, skilled website designing isn’t readily accomplished, even yet. In addition, you ought to be cautious about picking out an designer as inferior website designing provides people a bad notion of one’s organization along with your merchandise. Forrester Research estimates that inferior website designing is going to lead to the increased loss in 50 percentage of probable repeat visits, also because of a preliminary bad encounter. A specialist webdesigner may talk together with you regarding your company, your clients, and also your expectations, even before discussing the plan of the fresh site. The following supply of inadequate website designing can be derived in a interior worker.

Blatant un-professional website site design indicates a deficiency of professionalism, thoroughness and thoughtfulness generally. More Frequently than not, Inadequate net layout is matched with punctuation errors, Making it
Much less difficult to identify organizations which you’ll not desire to address. Bad website site design is just one of many main reasons for business collapse. Probably one among the absolute most glaring cases of the defectively constructed web site is single-browser compatibility. You will find absolutely tens and thousands of homebased companies fighting to earn a full time income on line as well as using a bad internet site is just one of many main reasons for business collapse. But to get rid of to an even much more constructive note, even though lousy website designing will nearly guarantee that you centered around the various search motors, fantastic website site design will guarantee you’ve got the finest potential chance contrary to the competition.


Before You Call A Professional Dryer Repair Service: Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips

Dryer Vent Cleaning Guidelines

Think you have to employ someone to preform a dryer repair as you never know anything regarding drier vent cleaning?

This is an easy problem to over come whether you are a standard at repairs or if you’re just a normal Joe or Jane! While same day appliance repair is almost always available and very convenient, keep reading for helpful advice and understanding of the various tools that you will need to run basic clothes dryer repairs by yourself.

It’s pretty counter productive to scrub your maytag oven repair los angeles clothing, only to ask them to emerge from the drier smelling much worse than they ever did earlier. This could be because of a filthy port. Whenever these are not correctly cleaned outside, heat of the clothes could generate small flames onto the lint, filling the system with a awful smell.

Let’s face it, even once spent all that effort and time out of your busy schedule to gather your dirty clothes, place them in your washer, dry them and fold them and hang them up, you want to be certain that they smell and feel clean and fresh. Not damp and wrinkled, which is the results you receive when you have a dryer having a filthy vent!

Be certain your dryer is unplugged before you start the cleaning process. Doublecheck which the gas is away as well when you have a gas drier. (Safety first!)

Once you pull away the machine from the wall, then you can hit the port and should use a screwdriver to loosen the dryer port clamp you may slip the port off. Now here’s the fun part of dryer vent cleaning! Reach as far as you can in to the gap in the back of the machine and pull out any lint and also buildup in the vent. You may utilize your vacuum’s hose attachment for quite a detailed cleaning. Repeat the cleanup process on the tubing that you just removed.

Ensure to check the outer borders of the vent and the hose, since it is where almost all of the buildup will be. Look over the tubing and port to find out whether you missed anything before you reattach the drier vent clamp. To finish a dryer vent cleaning, then run your dryer for about ten minutes with nothing indoors. This clean the system of almost any debris left over from the cleaning.

So that you’ve tried all the tricks however, you still think you may possibly need an expert cleaning?

If you think you require a professional dryer vent cleaning, or the advice in the content have not helped you solve your own problems, don’t worry! Even in case you can’t repair your drier yourself, knowing exactly what the issue is, saves you time and money by helping your technician identify exactly the situation.


Tips On Choosing A Great Window Covering Style For Your Home

Window Coverings have a gadget that can support you produce a selection your drapes and curtains.there are just 3 fundamental possible choices for you to select from on determining that window therapy will be best possible usedto your own homes motif. The exact first thing with a view to receive going this action is to comprehend if you want certainly to some casual or elegant window covering. Your own 2d decision needs to be whether they’ve been all lined or unlined, thirdly may be the type of going and sophistication which you just desire on your own theme.

If in case you have found on which sort of window treatment method that you merely want touse you can now start to finalize the whole layout. There really are a number of areas you will to get that will have an impact on your window coverings, what architectural preference will be encompassed in the home and also the total personality which the home owners will love for his or her window therapy.

Do not forget the same window style and design may also be handled in different methods depending on what the manner of the man is. An instance may be eating room that includes a bay window. This true window mode may usually contain of a multi-layered flooring period window therapy, mainly this will be referred for your formal window covering. You probably have an additional casual laid back flavor in thoughts you can also want to trust some café drapes for you to develop a casual look aluminium window lace.

Exactly what’s an official window treatment?

At an basic shape your window covering will consist of using two or 3 layers. You can use the first layer since the casement curtain that’s regularly put in throughout the window trimming area. Up to now regularly you would use a sheer, cast or enforce a lace board which may set straight or you will give you the opportunity to have a decision to collect it on the most effective. Above draperies that’s frequently referred to as only draperies will likely function as second coating.

Within an everyday basis they could have the choice to pay for the trim and window and also when they continues to be subject thing that could be abandoned you can stretch it up to both sides so that you are definitely going to be capable to even the realm which could be over the window. The next coating as an option to be a valance on your absolute formal window remedy that this really is most often known being a pelnet. This sort of this design runs horizontally across the greater a half the window in order to pay your stuff heading.

Another element of this sort of window covering is just a hard valance, this might be identified in the as being a lanbre-quin or a cornice. This item is usually made out of wood, also that might be frequently lined with upholstery or even some sort of material.

A good deal of folks suppose that in the event that you do not make use of the third party remedy in this design it’s going to appear as in the event the window covering his bare, this is dependent upon exactly what style and taste that you are seeking to make on your theme.

By imposing heavy however interesting fabrics for example asbrocades, Tapestries, silks, Damasks and velvet you’ll improve the key beach of their complete formal treatment topic. There exists a drawback with a number of these materials and that might be that they are going to have to be wiped clean by means of pros each and every several decades.

Exactly what is just a informal window therapy?

Your everyday window cure onto an everyday basis consists of two or one basic coats or you may possibly have the option on utilizing maybe not any such thing at all. An instance can be that you’ve got a superb region where that your own window is that’s privateness out of the neighbors as well as also your maybe not worried about other individuals appearing inside this magnificent window might seem great without or with grooming particularly if you are in possession of a stunning view.

But on a daily basis factors will also be simple as using some simple casement drape at a space. If your design could be the 1 quilt just a little component to a window that a café window curtain will give you privacy and still allow soft inside. Your fabrics of choice that are frequently useful for within the casual glance would be chitz, ticking, linen, muslin along with gingham.


Poker Sit and Go Report: The Strategy of Training Your Opponents

No limitation holdem championship and dollars games benefit people players who could receive their competitions to get exactly what they desire them to complete in the precise right moment. Here is really a plan that I love to predict instruction my competitions. What iam accomplishing in actuality, is educating these to present their whole pile into me personally. Simply sit go tournaments that really is particularly critical that a craft, since you are in possession of a minimal period for you to pull off it. I’d guess the most of sit and go tournaments whom I put at the cash, and I’ve coached a minumum of among my competitions throughout that moment, also grabbed his own pile.

To pull off this strategy, you basically need to boost the competitor’s not enough psychological management into the face of the match, and notably when participating in you personally. You may possibly be thinking that this inherently calls for being competitive with assertive pre and post flop gambling. In lots of instances which might be authentic, however there’s also chance of training your own competitor by even though behaving passively

It’s extremely a easy treatment to complete so if you yourself might be processor pioneer. In circumstance, you ought to be increasing usually. That you do need to generate significant increases. Once the blinds have hot enough the absolute minimum lift whenever the huge blind is one hundred can burst. Based in your own pile, you really should search to find 300 chip elevate in this area although. Nevertheless once the blinds arrive at one hundred and 200, then there usually are players about the bubble, thus a minraise is simply nice. The cause you to can do so twofold. You want to boost your processor lead whilst averting flops. In the event you are feeling that your competitors will likely fold it will not matter exactly what your cards really are. Engage in it all blind. In case your competitors fold two three times, then your pile will mature as well as also your competitive indicator is going to undoubtedly be of those graphs.

The different reason that you wish todo that really is the movement will probably disguise an excellent hand whenever you contain it. That’s as soon as the practice is sold from. For those who have increased out an opponent of this bud many times, then he will surely be dip straight back in any point or the other.

What should you really do afterward? Well with respect to your own pile dimension and hands strength, then you might predict in accordance with pot odds. Let us imagine that you might have 86s also it’s really just still another 4 5 0 to phone right to a kettle of 800. For me personally this is a simple telephone number.

In the event chances only aren’t tolerable, subsequently fold. Twist with dignity perhaps not rage. Twist with the comprehension of the match, perhaps not frustration using this. You notice your competitor’s re-raise allin is just everything you need him to complete, if you secure the bud, discard this, or concede it.

You might even be at a brief dining table location at which you really are the brief pile. Inside this example your enormous pile competitor is probably going to become actively playing competitive together with

personally. Twist till you buy an excellent hands and also only phone his stakes prior to the river, then then reraise allin. He’ll undoubtedly be attentive with you personally, and also certainly will indicate his pre-flop gambling to this purpose at which you can observe some inexpensive flops with very low high quality control on.

The idea is you may require his pile twice upward in a period – very likely when he loses his trendy and also leaves a abrasive re-raise allin whenever you might have these products. You’ve subsequently coached him efficiently.

Without an exercise plan you’re way more reliant in caliber control and also much more readily comprehensible. You only aren’t likely to receive money down too usually. And whenever you need to do receive an excellent hand, the other player is going to have a equally robust hand (or aggressive) and will probably secure a huge kettle out of you personally.


Hukum Perjudian Daring di Selandia Baru

Selandia Baru saat ini merupakan pasar judi yang sedang berkembang. Jutaan penduduk mengambil bagian dalam beberapa bentuk aktivitas perjudian setiap hari, dan populasi penjudi rekreasi telah berkembang pesat selama beberapa tahun terakhir. Sementara pasar game berbasis darat mengalami pertumbuhan yang besar, begitu juga pasar kasino online. Namun, undang-undang yang mengatur perjudian daring di Selandia Baru bisa sangat rumit, jadi berikut adalah ikhtisar singkat tentang legalitas game daring di negara tersebut

Undang-undang perjudian online Selandia Baru BandarQ Online diatur di bawah Undang-Undang Perjudian 2003, bersama dengan semua bentuk perjudian lainnya di negara ini. Hingga tahun 2003, perjudian daring tidak diatur oleh undang-undang apa pun, jadi undang-undang tersebut masih cukup baru dan penduduk percaya masih ada beberapa hal yang harus diselesaikan.

Menurut UU, judi interaktif jarak jauh dilarang. Ini hanya berlaku untuk perjudian yang diatur atau dilakukan di Selandia Baru. Operator lepas pantai dapat menghadapi denda karena menawarkan layanan mereka kepada penduduk negara tersebut, tetapi hanya sedikit yang telah dituntut oleh pemerintah setempat. Beberapa operator judi daring lokal dapat menawarkan layanan mereka secara daring, termasuk TabCorp, operator gim yang hampir memonopoli judi di Australia dan Selandia Baru.

Iklan kasino online lepas pantai juga dilarang. Oleh karena itu, perusahaan perjudian yang tidak berbasis di Selandia Baru mungkin tidak mengiklankan layanan mereka kepada penduduk. Ini termasuk sponsor olahraga dan iklan televisi, serta iklan cetak dan online.

Mengakui bahwa Selandia Baru tertarik untuk mengambil bagian dalam perjudian online, pemerintah telah memutuskan untuk mengizinkan beberapa bentuk taruhan online berlangsung. Baru-baru ini telah diputuskan bahwa pemain akan diizinkan untuk memainkan lotere online lokal. NZ Lotto telah meluncurkan situs web perjudian daringnya sendiri, sehingga pemain dapat membeli segala macam produk lotere secara online. Situs web ini juga menawarkan bingo dan keno online, menambah berbagai pilihan yang dimiliki pemain ketika datang ke perjudian secara daring. Situs web NZ Lotto adalah langkah besar ke depan untuk pasar perjudian daring di negara tersebut; Namun, warga masih ingin memiliki lebih banyak pilihan ketika datang untuk bermain game kasino online.

Namun ada beberapa pengecualian terhadap aturan. Pemerintah Selandia Baru telah menyatakan bahwa beberapa kasus perjudian online yang dapat diperdebatkan. Dengan demikian, komisi game lokal harus menilai situasi ini berdasarkan kasus per kasus untuk memastikan bahwa pemain dan operator di seluruh negara menerima perlakuan yang adil dan aman di dunia game online.


Rahasia Poker Texas Holdem Paling Elusif Di Sekitar

Jika Anda membaca kalimat ini sekarang, rahasia Texas Hold’em yang diungkap dalam artikel ini sangat sulit dipahami dan eksklusif sehingga Anda sangat beruntung.

Artikel ini akan mengungkap rahasia eksklusif Texas Hold’em, di mana Anda dapat menggunakan pemain poker apa pun untuk berhasil poker kapan saja, di mana saja. Jika Anda ingin menghasilkan uang dalam permainan ini dan membuat saku lawan terlihat seperti telinga kelinci, maka Anda pasti berada di tempat yang tepat Pokerclub88.

Saya akan menunjukkan beberapa rahasia Texas Hold’em dalam beberapa paragraf berikutnya, Rahasia ini bekerja seperti pesona.

Seperti halnya 5 Ps berlaku untuk Texas Hold’em, “persiapan yang tepat dapat mencegah kinerja yang buruk.” Artinya, saya berharap bahwa informasi dalam artikel akan membuat Anda siap untuk mengatasi lawan apa pun daripada menjadi berpengalaman.

Sekarang, ini tidak menguntungkan, mari kita mulai berbisnis? Ketika Anda berada di posisi awal, rahasia pertama yang akan saya tutupi harus digunakan selama ayunan, atau Anda adalah salah satu pemain di sisi kiri dari tirai besar.

Sangat penting untuk mengingat ini, ketika Anda berada di posisi ini, ketika Anda memahami situasi pemain lain, pada dasarnya Anda tidak melakukan apa-apa. Beberapa orang mengatakan bahwa sangat disarankan Anda membatasi tangan Anda hanya untuk bermain yang lebih baik daripada AQ.

Ketika Anda adalah pemain generasi keempat atau delapan atau yang disebut “posisi tengah”, saya harus menggunakan rahasia Texas Hold’em berikutnya. Ketika Anda berada di posisi ini, Anda cenderung mendapatkan lebih banyak informasi tentang pemain awal, tetapi untuk pemain di posisi akhir, mereka mungkin masih dalam kegelapan.

Bila Anda menemukan diri Anda dalam posisi ini, saya sarankan Anda memukul sampai 10 atau A, memukul 67 sebagai konektor menengah dan pakaian seperti pasangan menengah 77,88 dan 99. Penting: Jangan khawatir tentang hal-hal yang lebih buruk dari ini.

Akhirnya, jika Anda berada di posisi akhir atau ketika Anda adalah salah satu dari dua pemain terakhir, saya sarankan Anda menggunakan rahasia berikut. Tidak seperti dua posisi sebelumnya, Anda sekarang memiliki informasi tentang semua orang yang bermain.

Ketika Anda berada di posisi akhir, saya sarankan Anda menyerahkan semua rahasia yang digunakan dalam dua petunjuk pertama dan menggunakannya secara bergantian untuk mendapatkan komponen terakhir secepat mungkin.

Semakin baik Anda akan mencapai rahasia-rahasia Texas Hold’em ini, semakin itu akan menjadi sifat kedua Anda. Saya harap informasi ini akan membantu upaya Texas Hold’em Anda dan semoga Anda beruntung.


The New Rules of Home Improvement

Many house owners are beginning to comprehend the larger standards which have been required from home improvement contractors.The new rules of certificate, certification and independent confirmation have matched well the old ways of selecting a contractor so your 2 set a routine that bodes well for the expert comprehension of the business. It is not a coincident that at 2010 credentialing and teaching associations have attained their highest growth pace in the past few decades.

I feel a profound change is accepted place from the home improvement industry. The change has adopted certification, accreditation and separate confirmation as the rules of conducting business. As a builder that has been at the business for so several decades, for me, this shift implies one particular item – a chance to improve marketshare by embracing a brand that welcomes and understands the brand new reality. Truly, house owners are beginning to demand this higher standard of training and perceived credibility to measure value. And, the easiest way to achieve this would be by checking for the credential of businesses and the skill of their people. But aside from the previous methods of relying chiefly on word-of-mouth recommendation, the customers are going to have the ability to more independently assess to assess the training and skilled assistance of the organization. This really is a substantial development from the home improvement business brought on by dramatic accent on energy efficiency developments in construction dryer vent.

The Federal government and big utility companies have contributed to the by offering tax credits and purchase rebates respectively for power efficiency improvement initiatives. States have captured on these sorts of chances and have experienced changes for their own construction codes to boost higher efficiency expectations in construction. The State of Massachusetts as an instance, has adopted the ‘Stretch vitality Code'” that its towns and cities are using to boost energy efficiency advancement to their construction stock. The execution of the plans make jobs, help save dollars on bills and decrease the Carbon output signal to the surroundings out of properties. The savviest of smaller home improvement contractors are utilizing such new principles to better their companies’ image to portray a well trained expert performance. The majority of the buildings from the state come in need of some kind of electricity efficiency advancement, in case we are devoted to enhancing our building stock afterward your adoption of those new guidelines are simply the beginning of construction of their do it yourself industry.

To be evident, the adjustments that are taking root certainly are a direct result the budding House efficiency Improvement market that’s using form and that is buttress by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), a national credentialing and training organization. Really, in my opinion just two matters, just one, this really is putting a new standard for the professional checking of this property remodeling market. 2, new recognition will soon undoubtedly be an important criteria in selecting a home improvement company. Even the businesses which recognize this and make the necessary placement modification will be the winners.

All in all, these brand new rules that have to use a expert home performance improvement thing will no doubt usher at a big change in the way the home improvement industry functions generally.


The Importance of Contracting an Experienced Creative Agency

Most small business people understand effectively their company preferences as evidenced inside their choices of trademarks, letterhead and exhibits for trade shows. Often, these preferences don’t translate to imaginative designs of the top professional quality if strove in house. The cause of this is clear. Minus the adequate imaginative ability needed to produce professionally improved layouts, the result is fair. Business designing is actually a vital instrument for raising earnings and drawing a wider network of prospective customer. Only the many proficient and skillful designers effectively generate the intended result. This may be the main advantage of working with a superb creative agency over in house design and style.

It is critical to feel certain that the kind of job demanded will likely be performed with extreme creative knowledge and experience within the business of layout. Thus, the initial and most important component in deciding upon a very good creative agency is to look for a extensive selection of style and design expertise in various aspects of advertisements, mediaand promotional revenue exhibits and computer-generated layout for specific jobs and events. Intensive knowledge and background would be the benefit of utilizing a fantastic creative service. The assurance and optimism that a company proprietor requires for the very best feasible branding and transaction name recognition can simply be seen within the realm of creative experience. In addition, this is crucial in earnings and marketing and advertising efforts where new notions flow in progressive directions as a way to catch a bigger share of customer care media maison.

Once that the agency is assessed of their choices of the company owner and also the planned style to be projected, there exists plenty of design imagination readily available. It follows that after the initial options are filed, the agency can expand on the kind of the enterprise to highest gain. This subsequently makes certain proper presentation and overall fluidity of this item or solutions of the company.

Regardless of just about any good business preparation, the subject of suitable positioning of advertisements, firm literature and tradeshow presentations turned into the domain name of their creative agency since a separate business partner. Companies learn to rely on the advice in their creative service for the best designs suited with their own business needs. In the majority of circumstances, the following benefit is that the potential of the agencies to anticipate the design demands of a business enterprise. It is just a most progressive step toward improving the customer base and revenue.

Yet another benefit of working with a superb creative service would be your abundance of style material available due to their customers. It delivers a extensive array of style and design projects and some ideas to help satisfy nearly all business purpose or event. Designers can make custom firm layouts or base their layout standards on consumer specs. Generating the best attention by use of varied images for online promotions and advertising is yet another subject of knowledge. Usually this may include the addition of cartoon, sound and other graphical outcomes to endeavor the most optimal/optimally marketing graphics that progress the sales and promotion range of businesses.


Situs Afiliasi Poker Online

Apakah Anda memiliki situs web bisnis atau pribadi di Internet? Jika demikian, apakah Anda ingin mengubahnya menjadi cara mudah untuk menghasilkan penghasilan tambahan? Anda bisa, cukup dengan mendaftar ke situs afiliasi poker online. Kenaikan pesat dalam popularitas kamar poker di Internet telah membuat persaingan untuk pemain lebih intens yang pernah ada. Ruang poker telah merespon dengan meminta orang-orang seperti Anda untuk membantu mereka menarik pemain baru. Situs afiliasi poker online akan membayar Anda uang tunai untuk pemain yang Anda referensikan yang berjudi di situs ini.

Ini bukan skema “cepat kaya” dan tidak ada ikatan. Kita daftar situs judi berbicara tentang komisi nyata yang dibayarkan secara rutin. Anda tidak harus bermain poker sendiri; sebenarnya Anda tidak perlu tahu cara bermain poker. Ketika Anda mendaftar dengan situs afiliasi poker online yang baik tidak ada risiko keuangan yang terlibat dan banyak pekerjaan yang sebenarnya dilakukan untuk. Situs afiliasi poker online akan memberi Anda alat yang Anda butuhkan untuk menarik referensi, termasuk berbagai macam iklan banner yang menarik perhatian untuk situs web Anda. Ketika seseorang mengklik iklan dan pergi ke ruang poker Anda dikreditkan dengan rujukan itu. Kemudian ketika rujukan mulai bermain poker, Anda mulai mendapat komisi. Apa yang bisa lebih mudah?

Anda dapat mendaftar untuk menghasilkan uang dengan situs afiliasi poker online bahkan jika Anda tidak memiliki situs web. Anda akan mendapatkan iklan teks untuk disertakan dalam email Anda ke keluarga